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Started in 2002 by a university student from his dorm room, Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosts in the world. They claim to host over two million domain names which make up around 1% of worlds internet traffic. Independent agencies put this as nearly 1,680,000 domains and 1.34 % of the global market. It must also be noted that all the hosts that rank above Hostgator are not specialist web hosts. They are domain registrars, redirection and parking services - companies like Godaddy, Enom and Sedo Parking. Most of the domains that resolve to them are either just parked or used for redirection. So if we consider only specialist hosts, Hostgator is clearly the largest web host on the internet. They are not just the largest, Hostgator is really good at what they are doing. Read the detailed Hostgator review and Hostgator reviews added by our users below for more details.

Hostgator VPS Review

Hostgator used to be a specialist shared host, but couple of years back they started offering VPS solutions as well. They offer a number of configurations, starting from Level - which is very basic, to Level9 - as good as reasonable dedicated server.

From Level3, Hostgaror VPS servers are available with cPanel and managed support come free with cPanel servers. We recommend at least Level3 VPS for serious webmasters, lower configurations are just good enough for a test site or sites with very low traffic. cPanel is the best control panel available, and Hostgator managed service is value for money. Managed services may not be as good as some of the premium services, but considering the price charged, this is a very good deal.

Hostgator VPS servers are priced reasonably, starting with $19.95 without control panel. Level3 with $49.95 is a great value for money, considering that it comes with server management and cPanel. Hostgator is well known for cheap shared hosting with great support and their VPS servers are no different.

Hostgator Hosting Features Review

Hostgator offer three plans for shared hosting. The basic plan comes with the limitation of only one domain allowed where as the other two allow unlimited number of add-on domains. Space, bandwidth etc. are unlimited for all the plans, and they have a restriction based on i-nodes. The inodes limit is pretty high and would apply only for making back ups - if you exceed certain number of inodes, your site will not be backed up. For any normal user this can be ignored. Yes, they do oversell just like most of their competitors. The only real restriction they have is CPU usage, as there is a limit on the number of processes and percentage of CPU that can be used by a single account. What this ulimately means is if you have a reasonable traffic on your website, Hostgator shared plans should not have a problem accomodating you. On the other hand, sites with millions of hits per month will not be allowed to stay on the shared server and will be asked to move.

If you are interested in other features, Hostgator provides almost everything you need : Unlimited parked domains, unlimited mysql databases, script installers and so on. They use cPanel 11, so you have the most powerful control panel on the net with all the bells and whistles. We would recommend a baby package for an average website, which should get you almost everything you need.

Hostgator Datacenter and Uptime is hosted on hostgator since Feb 2008 and we had been monitoring the uptime using a third party tool. We never experienced any real downtime and the monitoring tool confirms the same. Click on the thumbnail for a detailed view or click here for live uptime data, directly from the uptime auditor site. As I write this, it is showing 99.95% uptime, which is above the industry standard 99.9% - which most shared hosts fail to give. Let me also make it very clear that we are monitoring our own website hosted in a normal hostgator account and not the website of the host itself which would naturally be hosted in a better server with load balancing etc.

Hostgator doesn't own their datacenter, which is actually a surprise. Their ideology is to outsource and hardware, networking, scalability issues to a speclized company and concentrate on what they do well customer support, monitoring the server etc. Their partner in hosting is thePlanet, a leading dedicated host and colocation provider. So far this partnership seems to be working out very well, each doing their job to perfection.

Hostgator Support Review

Support has been one area that separates Hostgator from the rest. They provide good support, which includes ticket system, live chat, phone support all these are 24/7. Personally I never had to use the phone support, and used the live chat only once. There was not much delay in live chat and it the issue was sorted out. Over last 2 years, I had to use support ticket 3 times and the average response time was around 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs. They also have a peer support forum, which can be quite helpful if you have a tricky issue. On forums, you can get help from hostgator staff as well as other hostgator users. You can also check out the forum in case of any pre-sales question etc.

Hostgator Price and Billing

Hostgator pricing is very much reasonable, starting from $4.95(paid in advance for three years, we recommend paying monthly @ $8.95 to start with). New users can start with a hatchling package and upgrade to baby as they need or directly go for baby package - $9.95, paid monthly to support add-on domains. Dont forget to checkout our Hostgator Promo page and Hostgator Reseller Coupon page to get the best coupon for maximum discount.

They use modern bill for billing software, which is unfortunately not integrated to the control panel. Personally, I didn't like it and had some problems changing my payment from paypal to credit card. To be fair with them, Hostgator support was quick in solving the issues when contacted.

Hostgator Overall Review

In spite of their spectacular growth, fortunately Hostgator retained the qualities that one would normally associate with smaller / medium sized hosts. Their customer support still provides personalized care, you can even contact their CEO via email, in case you belive the customer support is not being helpful. They will help you with even issues that are not directly related to hosting for example, fixing your script.

Hostgator provides almost all types of hosting shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting. Still, they are more focused on the shared and reseller hosting area. Even though they provide pretty good dedicated hosting services, you may not be able to find all the flexibility and upgrade options one would normally find at specialized dedicated hosts. VPS is a relatively new service from Hostgator and they do provide a number of options from very basic to relatively advanced servers.

Hostgator Pros

  • Excellent 24/7 Support
  • Flexible payment : Pay monthly / yearly / 2 or 3 years for lower price
  • cPanel Based Hosting - cPanel and Fantastico brings the best control panel and script installer
  • Cheap Shared Hosting Packages - Prices range from $5 - $10 depending on your package and payment mode
  • 99.95% Uptime
Hostgator Cons

  • Expensive domain registration.**
  • Billing software - ModernBill - is not integrated well and can be a pain sometimes.
  • PostgreSQL is not supported on shared hosting accounts.

** Always better to register domain with a specialist registrar and decline the free domain offer. That will make moving sites very easy, in case you have to. Get a Godaddy coupon for domain registration, even though Godaddy is a terrible host.

Hostgator User Reviews

 Hostgator Review By: Martin, england uk
Site Hosted: IP Address:
Hostgator is the best webhosing company 
my company has been using hostgator for over 3 years we have found it to be the best hosting company out there as there support is just great. and there is no other company out there as good as them for support and best off all there service for hostgator is just great. if your looking for hosting its the one you should be going with no questions asked
Added on 2011 December 23, 05:31:09

 Hostgator Review By: John Coutts, Spain
Site Hosted: IP Address:
No Problems... 
I've been using HostGator for five years with no problems whatsoever. I have a reseller account for my own personal use with several dozen sites.

I never need to call them and they never need to call me, simply because everything goes so smoothly. They deduct their money every month and I consider it money extremely well spent.

I'm happy!

Added on 2011 May 26, 06:03:56

 Hostgator Review By: F A, L.A.
Site Hosted: IP Address:
Web Host Awarded the  
As an experienced webmaster I recommend Hostgator web hosting which Im sure it would work for you and fulfill all your requirements. They have a really great offer for hosting & I have used them for over 4 yrs now, and have never had a single problem with them.
Added on 2011 April 13, 17:09:12

 Hostgator Review By: Sampath K, India
Site Hosted: http://lunar.in ownership confirmed IP Address:
Hostgator is best web hosting provider 
I am a big fan of hostgator web hosting ever since I signed up with them about one year ago. They offer great web hosting at cheap price. I have hosted more than 18 sites with them (all are on one shared hosting account) and am fully satisfied with their services. Their uptime has always been great for sites and they offer almost all those databases, email addresses, addon domains unlimited. You can't get a better deal than that.
Added on 2011 April 03, 01:24:42

 Hostgator Review By: Kumar, India
Site Hosted: ownership confirmed IP Address:
Hostgator is the top web host 
I have had very good experience with Hostgator. I host a couple of sites on their shared hosting and am very happy with their service. But one of my friends said they would delete your sites if you get some big traffic. But that is understandable since that is a shared hosting account and not a dedicated server. All of my sites have had more than 99.9% uptime each and every month that I have been with them. I will give them 4 out of 5 stars.
Added on 2011 March 28, 10:06:42

 Hostgator Review By: Alex Jhon, New zealand
Site Hosted: IP Address:
Website Hosting Agreement 
Hostgator the best web hosting service i used it its proving good service for us
Legal agreements
Added on 2011 March 14, 06:17:07

 Hostgator Review By: Rand, Ireland
Site Hosted: IP Address:
Best support and uptime 
I am hosting a static website, joomla and phpbb3, and in my last host i was getting alot of network errors when i was editing in my admin panel or some times posting in the forum. But in host gator i seldom have this problem, it happens maybe 1 or 2 times per week but thats not bad at all. The support is brilliant and i think i will be sticking with them for a long time to come.
Added on 2011 February 12, 21:01:50

 Hostgator Review By: Joomla Garage, New Delhi, India
Site Hosted: IP Address:
The best there is for us. 
We're a web design company and host web sites for hundreds of our clients, and moved to HostGator three years ago from a local web host, and never looked back. We've been very happy with their service, and recommend it to all our clients. The customer service is great as well, they're really helpful and knowledgeable, and yes they do help with scripts not running, debugging etc.
I just love this host.
Added on 2010 July 10, 09:07:55

 Hostgator Review By: Ashok, Hyderabad
Site Hosted: http://bollywoodstatus.com ownership confirmed IP Address:
Hostgator rocks 
Hostgator is my favorite web host among all those top web hosts out there. They offer top-notch web hosting to your personal as well as business sites alike. Not only their shared web hosting but also their VPS and dedicated servers are great. Even though they use the Unlimited gimmic, I still like them because of the top quality service they offer. Their up time was never less than 99.95%. I used to be with some useless web host and I had to sign up with one of those paid web site monitoring services to see the uptime of my sites. But after 2 months of signing up with Hostgator I never renewed the monitoring service since the uptime was 100% for the two months. Also their support is very friendly and up to the point. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation. I even set up my own branded web hosting company (still new) with their reseller web hosting. Hostgator rocks period.
Added on 2010 March 28, 10:59:02

 Hostgator Review By: Vijay, RajaMahendri
Site Hosted: http://adsquare.in ownership confirmed IP Address:
Best shared web hosting company 
Hostgator is the best shared web hosting company I have been with so far. I use their Baby plan, which lets me host as many sites as I want at only $9.95 a month. When I signed up with them I used the 3 year plan along with the regular discount coupon which saved me a lot. I am quite happy with their support and their uptime. They even moved all of my sites to their servers without any extra charge. To get your sites moved by them you need to contact their live chat support. I can't find any faults with their hosting as well as support services. They are undoubtedly the best shared web host out there.
Added on 2010 March 28, 10:37:02

 Hostgator Review By: Kishore, Hyderabad
Site Hosted: http://cmchiranjeevi.com ownership confirmed IP Address:
Better web host than any other 
I have used all the top web hosting providers, be them cheap or expensive or small or giant companies. But among all of them I like Hostgator more than any other host. The reason for this they are prompt to help you if you have any problems and have any queries (unlike some of those top web hosts, which don't even have support staff to help you via their live chat). Their web hosting up time is more than 99.95% for all the 12 or so months I have been with them. You can also pay them monthly. Their Baby plan is my favorite plan, with just $9.95 a month you can have a sound sleep without having to worry about the online status of your website. Trust me, go sign up with them, you won't go wrong, Thanks.
Added on 2010 January 28, 01:39:49

 Hostgator Review By: John M, India
Site Hosted: http://geohindustani.com ownership confirmed IP Address:
The best web hosting service 
They are the best web hosting service I have seen so far. I have been with Bluehost, Dreamhost and Hostmonter but I have liked Hostgator more than any one else. Probably it is because I have never had any problems with them and/ or the great support I receive from them. I always thought it was just another hyped company before signing up with them but the saying "You never know unless you try it" perfectly applied to me too.

I am not one of those employees to promote them but one thing I have got to say about them is they simply rock! They are the best shared web host out there. They even introduced VPS recently. I will have to try them too.
Added on 2010 January 28, 01:19:10

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