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Confused about the best Hostgator promo? Here is Hostgator coupon code demystified!

Hostgator offer only four type of coupons. You might find tons of promotion codes on the net, but essentially they all fall into one of the four categories below. Even within the four types, you can safely ignore two of them. The $25 coupon code is as good or better than the $9.95 coupon in all situations and obviously the 25% promo codes are always better than the 20% promos.

Now from the $25 and 25% codes, which one to select? Clearly, it depends on your order total - the total amount you need to pay without any promo codes applied. If the order total is less than $100, $25 coupons should give you the maximum discount. For order totals above $100, go for the 25% codes, irrespective of the type of hosting / package you order. Given below is some of the active promo codes, verified on July 2011.


When to use: Recommended Hostgator promo if order total is above $100.
This is also known as Hostgator VPS coupon(VPS Plan 7 and above), Hostgator Dedicated Server Coupon etc, since it gives better discount for higher order totals.

When to use: Recommended Hostgator promo if order total is below $100. This is good Hostgator VPS promo code(VPS Plan I to VPS Plan VI) and Hostgator Shared Hosting Coupon.
Up to $9.95 OFF FROM TOTAL

When to use: This is also known as 'First Month Free' coupon(as long as the first month is less than $10, typically for shared hosting). Use them for shared hosting accounts with monthly billing to get first month for only $0.01.

When to use: Redundant since there is already a 25% off promo codes.

More Promo Codes

Given below are Hostgator coupons which don't fall into the above categories and in fact could have offered better discounts. Before you get excited, they are either expired or work only on special occassions like July 4, Black Friday etc.

Promo: July4
Details: 40% off on all purchases. Independent day promotion, only applicable on July 4th, 2011.

Promo: FridayMagic
Details: Get 50% to 85% off using the coupon code. Offer applicable only on Nov 2010. Biggest ever Hostgator Sale!

You may also get some Hostgator Reseller Coupons, giving the best discount for reseller hosting. Steps to use Hostgator coupons:
1) Go to HostGator Site. Select your plan and go to next step - "order now".
2) If you want a new domain, Register your domain or if you already have a domain select "I will use My Existing Domain" and enter the domain name. Click "Next" to continue.
3) Select your preferred "Billing Cycle", and enter any one promo code listed above. Click 'Calculate Totals'.
4) The total price willbe displayed, after deducting the discount.

Hostgator Coupons

Get 25% Off - HGREVIEW25OFF

First Month Free - HGREVIEW994



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