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 Reviewed By: Martin, england uk
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Hostgator is the best webhosing company 
my company has been using hostgator for over 3 years we have found it to be the best hosting company out there as there support is just great. and there is no other company out there as good as them for support and best off all there service for hostgator is just great. if your looking for hosting its the one you should be going with no questions asked
Review Added on 2011 December 23, 05:31:09

 Reviewed By: John Coutts, Spain
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No Problems... 
I've been using HostGator for five years with no problems whatsoever. I have a reseller account for my own personal use with several dozen sites.

I never need to call them and they never need to call me, simply because everything goes so smoothly. They deduct their money every month and I consider it money extremely well spent.

I'm happy!

Review Added on 2011 May 26, 06:03:56

 Reviewed By: F A, L.A.
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Web Host Awarded the  
As an experienced webmaster I recommend Hostgator web hosting which Iím sure it would work for you and fulfill all your requirements. They have a really great offer for hosting & I have used them for over 4 yrs now, and have never had a single problem with them.
Review Added on 2011 April 13, 17:09:12

 Reviewed By: Sampath K, India
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Hostgator is best web hosting provider 
I am a big fan of hostgator web hosting ever since I signed up with them about one year ago. They offer great web hosting at cheap price. I have hosted more than 18 sites with them (all are on one shared hosting account) and am fully satisfied with their services. Their uptime has always been great for sites and they offer almost all those databases, email addresses, addon domains unlimited. You can't get a better deal than that.
Review Added on 2011 April 03, 01:24:42

 Reviewed By: Kumar, India
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Hostgator is the top web host 
I have had very good experience with Hostgator. I host a couple of sites on their shared hosting and am very happy with their service. But one of my friends said they would delete your sites if you get some big traffic. But that is understandable since that is a shared hosting account and not a dedicated server. All of my sites have had more than 99.9% uptime each and every month that I have been with them. I will give them 4 out of 5 stars.
Review Added on 2011 March 28, 10:06:42

 Reviewed By: Alex Jhon, New zealand
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Website Hosting Agreement 
Hostgator the best web hosting service i used it its proving good service for us
Legal agreements
Review Added on 2011 March 14, 06:17:07

 Reviewed By: Rand, Ireland
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Best support and uptime 
I am hosting a static website, joomla and phpbb3, and in my last host i was getting alot of network errors when i was editing in my admin panel or some times posting in the forum. But in host gator i seldom have this problem, it happens maybe 1 or 2 times per week but thats not bad at all. The support is brilliant and i think i will be sticking with them for a long time to come.
Review Added on 2011 February 12, 21:01:50

 Reviewed By: Joomla Garage, New Delhi, India
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The best there is for us. 
We're a web design company and host web sites for hundreds of our clients, and moved to HostGator three years ago from a local web host, and never looked back. We've been very happy with their service, and recommend it to all our clients. The customer service is great as well, they're really helpful and knowledgeable, and yes they do help with scripts not running, debugging etc.
I just love this host.
Review Added on 2010 July 10, 09:07:55

 Reviewed By: Ashok, Hyderabad
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Hostgator rocks 
Hostgator is my favorite web host among all those top web hosts out there. They offer top-notch web hosting to your personal as well as business sites alike. Not only their shared web hosting but also their VPS and dedicated servers are great. Even though they use the Unlimited gimmic, I still like them because of the top quality service they offer. Their up time was never less than 99.95%. I used to be with some useless web host and I had to sign up with one of those paid web site monitoring services to see the uptime of my sites. But after 2 months of signing up with Hostgator I never renewed the monitoring service since the uptime was 100% for the two months. Also their support is very friendly and up to the point. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation. I even set up my own branded web hosting company (still new) with their reseller web hosting. Hostgator rocks period.
Review Added on 2010 March 28, 10:59:02

 Reviewed By: Vijay, RajaMahendri
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Best shared web hosting company 
Hostgator is the best shared web hosting company I have been with so far. I use their Baby plan, which lets me host as many sites as I want at only $9.95 a month. When I signed up with them I used the 3 year plan along with the regular discount coupon which saved me a lot. I am quite happy with their support and their uptime. They even moved all of my sites to their servers without any extra charge. To get your sites moved by them you need to contact their live chat support. I can't find any faults with their hosting as well as support services. They are undoubtedly the best shared web host out there.
Review Added on 2010 March 28, 10:37:02

 Reviewed By: Kishore, Hyderabad
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Better web host than any other 
I have used all the top web hosting providers, be them cheap or expensive or small or giant companies. But among all of them I like Hostgator more than any other host. The reason for this they are prompt to help you if you have any problems and have any queries (unlike some of those top web hosts, which don't even have support staff to help you via their live chat). Their web hosting up time is more than 99.95% for all the 12 or so months I have been with them. You can also pay them monthly. Their Baby plan is my favorite plan, with just $9.95 a month you can have a sound sleep without having to worry about the online status of your website. Trust me, go sign up with them, you won't go wrong, Thanks.
Review Added on 2010 January 28, 01:39:49

 Reviewed By: John M, India
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The best web hosting service 
They are the best web hosting service I have seen so far. I have been with Bluehost, Dreamhost and Hostmonter but I have liked Hostgator more than any one else. Probably it is because I have never had any problems with them and/ or the great support I receive from them. I always thought it was just another hyped company before signing up with them but the saying "You never know unless you try it" perfectly applied to me too.

I am not one of those employees to promote them but one thing I have got to say about them is they simply rock! They are the best shared web host out there. They even introduced VPS recently. I will have to try them too.
Review Added on 2010 January 28, 01:19:10

 Reviewed By: Arun, Hyd
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Good web host 
Hostgator is one of the good web hosts. I have tried a lot of web hosts and some of those big heads turned out to be terrible web hosts and many of those small web hosts are good. So, I can't say Hostgator is one of the best web hosts out there. But I see great reviews about them daily, probably it's all hype but it's not denying the fact that they are a decent host. Their features are good, customer support is good and uptime is good. I will say they are a problem-free web host (like many of those web hosts, even small ones) but won't say they are great and best web host. I will give them 4 out of 5.
Review Added on 2010 January 28, 00:52:46

 Reviewed By: Kumari, India
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Undoubtedly the best web host 
Hostgator is undoubetedly the best web host I have used so far, and I have tried a couple of tens of hosts already. They offer great hosting packages (Baby plan) at a mere $10 a month. By spending just $10 a month you will never have to worry about your websites. I think now they are giving unlimited web hosting to all packages. You won't get a better deal than that anywhere on the net. Their support is friendly and upto the point. And their uptime is always above 99.9%. What more do you want? they are the best and hassle-free web host.
Review Added on 2010 January 28, 00:30:20

 Reviewed By: Elroy, Goa, india
Site Hosted: http://seogoa.com ownership confirmed IP Address:
The best there is ... 
There are lots of cheaper options, lots of free hosting also. If you want to be serious about web mastering you need to have a good hosting acc and there is nothing like hostgator. Its a expansive but I don't mind it da long run cause you get your problem fixed quickly, there is always some one you can get in touch with by support that can fix things for you. The cheaper hosting will take a days to reply to you and in all that time you are losing visitors.
Review Added on 2010 January 27, 17:16:20

 Reviewed By: Marilyn Jenkins, Boquete Panama
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HostGator - Highly Recommended 
I have a couple of hosting accounts at HostGator and am extremely happy. The uptime is high and the tech support people are always available.

On my accounts, I host around 80 domains. The software on the servers is always up to date which makes my sites run smoothly. Whenever possible, I recommend HostGator to my colleagues.
Review Added on 2010 January 27, 13:04:00

 Reviewed By: ivan juras, Zagreb, Croatia
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A company without faults. 
Hostgator is just one of those firms where everything works as expected. I've been using them since 2003, and have hosted numerous sites there. This may sound like a biased review, but really it's not. Unlike some people, I never had any problems with their customer support. My problems were solved in a couple of minutes. Maybe the only downside to host gator is that the sign-up process is very rigorous and complicated.

Now, you might be thinking what makes those gator such a special company? Well, I don't know. But, as I already outlined in the upper paragraph, the company policy has to be: hard and ethical work. Keep in mind that I have never use any other web hosting service, but this has to say something to you: Hostgator is really that good!

Considering the technical aspect, I've rarely ever had any problems as well.
Review Added on 2010 January 27, 09:44:06

 Reviewed By: Stephan Gerlach, UK / Doncaster
Site Hosted: http://www.ldstoolbar.com ownership confirmed IP Address:
Best ever hosting company that I know. 
I have been with Hostgator for quite some time now. Downtime is pretty much 0. The only downtime I ever had was maybe 10 minutes and that was for a server upgrade (So can't really complain about that). The Support is second to none. Always friendly and they know what they are talking about. They also keep the server software up to date and offer some features other hosts don't offer. When ever I do some freelancing work I suggest my clients to go with hostgator and NONE have regretted their move.

Hostgator is the BEST Hosting Company on the net.
Review Added on 2010 January 27, 05:37:58

 Reviewed By: Martin Brooke, Malaysia
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Excellent Hosting Provider 
I have been using them for more than a year and have been very satisfied with the quality of service that I get from them.

The support staff always respond promptly and I rarely have to wait for more than an hour to receive their respond.

I have more than 20 sites hosted on their server under the baby croc package and so far I don't experience any major problem with them.

You can also keep yourself updated with their latest update by suscribing to their Tweet on

And I don't see any reason why I would switch to another hosting provider anytime soon.
Review Added on 2010 January 04, 11:01:26

 Reviewed By: Thomas Billington, Birmingham, United Kingdom
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No Problems 
I moved my site to Host Gator around October when I saw a offer offering 1 months of hosting for 1 cent. I joined up and attempted to move my site which I had problems doing. Host Gator managed to fix these problems and get my site up and running 100%. After the initial startup I haven\'t had any problems with downtime or the sites load speed. Overall I have had no problems with the host and will continue using them for the months to come.
Review Added on 2010 January 04, 11:00:07

 Reviewed By: Nitesh Khatri, Dubai
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Wonderful Experience ! 
After my last host ran away, I knew it was time i switched to a reliable host. Little research suggested hostgator was the best in business. They have provided me 100% uptime till now. Their support is totally reliable and the best i have seen so far. I intend to host with them for really really long.
Review Added on 2010 January 04, 10:59:22

 Reviewed By: uday kiran, india
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Top class hosting and support 
Hi ,

I am with 5 different hosting providers in the last few years along with hostgator , now i quit the other four and stick to hostgator from past year , reason all others are dummy when it comes to support.Hostgator 24hr support is the best out there..i get solution for most critical issues in my scripts under know what i dont know single piece of code, everything is outsourced and the coder charge extra for support for something he developed, hostgator fix it all for me , without charging..its free...cant expect any more...if you are not with them so far....go get one.
Review Added on 2010 January 04, 10:58:31

 Reviewed By: madhu, Hyderabad
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Few hosts are as good as Hostgator! 
As I noticed, very few web hosts are as good as hostgator. I have tried different good web hosts before and all of them look like kids before hostgator. The company offers one of the most affordable, secured, feature-rich web hosting on the web. But the only down side I experienced with them is that some of their support staff seems unqualified and non-native speakers. Of all the 10 or so instances I contacted their support, two times I had to talk to non-english people, whose English was worse than mine. Probably the support is outsourced to India kind of places (nothing against Indians, Coz I am an Indian myself). Other than those two times that I had to spend some extra time in explaining them my needs and getting what I wanted, everything else is great as far as their hosting is concerned. I don't know about any other services offers by them like SSL and domain registrations.

I know around 15 or 20 webmaster friends of mine who are as satisfied with hostgator servers as I am with them. It's the best web host out there, and would make your hosting experience as good as it can get unless of course you get to talk to some of those non-native support staff.
Review Added on 2010 January 04, 10:57:34

 Reviewed By: Chitti, India
Site Hosted: IP Address:
Probably the best shared web host 
I am using Hostgator web hosting for more than 20 websites. I can tell you one thing it definitely deserves the "Best shared web host" award. I have used many of those so call top web hosts like bluehost, hostmonster, dreamhost, aplus etc but I am never satisfied with any of those web hosts than I am with Hostgator. I used to think it was just "hype" when seeing all those good web hosting reviews for hostgator. But once I signed up with them around 6 months back I have never had any hosting related problems for those sites hosted with Hostgator. Those guys know the biz best and I think they definitely deserve the good reviews. Their resources are great, support great, up time amazin To conclude my post, I have never found one minus point with Hostgator in these six months, Whatever I find are Good ones.
Review Added on 2010 January 04, 10:56:35

 Reviewed By: Suresh Babu, India
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Hostgator is one of the best web hosts. 
Hostgator is definitely one of the best web hosts, if not the best of them all. I have been using them for one year now and have never had any annoying issues with them, like I had with most of those other web hosts. Their pricing, although a bit high than most of those other web hosts, is still affordable. They offer you unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth for all their shared web hosting plans. Almost all those essential features are free with them. Their support is good and quick enough to solve your problems and the staff are really tech-savvy, I mean, they know their business. I only had to contact their support two or three times and they solved my problems really quick. And finally, their servers uptime is the best around there, more than 99.95% almost every month. Due to all the great experience I have had with them, I have recommend them to a lot of my friends and they have all been very happy with Hostgator. Whatever I have posted above is about their Shared web hosting and Dedicated web servers, I don\'t know about their VPS and reseller web hosting services.
Review Added on 2010 January 04, 10:55:14

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