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How fast is Hostgator Support?
Recently I had a virus issue on my sites hosted with Hostgator and had to contact the support team. From my previous experience I knew that hostgator support is fast, still the response from security team took me by surprise. Within two minutes, the problem was fixed and I was given instructions on how scan my pc and secure everything. That is what I call great support!

If you want to know more about hostgator support, here it i. Hostgator offers all possible options for customer support: Support tickets, 24/7 toll free lines, online chat and also they provide a support forum.

Support Tickets
If you try to access with wrong password, they reset the password and send the new one to your email address immediately. The ticketing system is actually located outside the control panel and is loosely integrated. On average, support tickets get answered in 1-2 hours. Possibly the best solution for all your support needs, unless it is very urgent or you feel like talking to somebody in person.

Phone Support
24/7 and it is not outsourced. We never had to call up them, so can't give you a real review here. Still, if you are located in US and have something urgent to discuss, use the toll free lines for support.

Online Chat
This is again 24/7 and nearly as good as phone support. Especially useful for international customers, who don't want to spend on phone calls but still want immediate response. There is not much waiting time and our experience with phone support has been nice.

Support Forum
Hostgator run a peer support forum where you can get answers from the management as well as other hostgator customers. If you are not satisfied with customer support or need to get advice from the community, post it on support forums. Even the CEO of hostgator replies regularly to customer questions here, and your concerns are sure to be addressed seriouly.

Hostgator get rated high by most web hosting reviews, mostly due to their excellent support. For more user reviews and feedbacks, visit their peer support forum.

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