Dreamhost Vs Hostgator

Both Dreamhost and Hostgator are among the top 10 web hosts in the world, with Hostgator being bigger and growing faster. Both are Linux based shared hosts, which also offer VPS servers. Below is a comparison of their features, to help you make an informed decision.

Control Panel and Features

Hostgator use cPanel, the best and most popular control panel in the industry. Having cPanel is definitely an advantage - you are assured of all typical cPanel features, there is less learing curve for experienced webmaster, moving to / from another cPanel based host is very easy and so on.
Dreamhost on the other hand, use their own custom control panel. While it is not difficult to get used to it, a lot of experience webmaster could feel disappointed for not having something like cPanel. Other features like storage, bandwidth, emails, mysql databases etc are unlimited for both, as both the hosts oversell. Fantastico script installer is something newbies will miss in Dreamshost.

Hostgator Or Dreamhost - Which is cheaper?

Dreamhost offer only one package with unlimited add-on domain, unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth! which can be comparable to Hostgator's Baby package. Baby package comes @ $7.95 per month when paid yearly and Dreamhost charges $9.95 per month on an yearly contract. So Hostgator is slightly cheaper and also they allow you to choose from 3 different packages depending on your needs. The smallest package (hatchling) is remarkably cheaper for webmasters who do not need add-on domains or would like to test the service before moving all their sites to Hostgator. Monthly billing is a big plus with Hostgator, which is simply not possible with Dreamshot. If you are not happy with the service, move to another host within the end of the month and you lose just one cent, if you had used a Hostgator Promo during sign up. Dreamhost offer a 97 day money-back guarantee, still monthly billing has its own advantages.

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Uptime and Performance

We have a shared hosting account with Hostgator, and has been monitoring their services using a third party monitoring tool. For the last three years, they have been providing consistantly high uptime of 99.96% to 99.97%, which is above the promosed uptime of 99.9%. Dreamhost guarantee 100% uptime, but we have not been able to verify the same. However, there has been reports of downtime from their customers and generally Dreamhost performance is not rated among the best.

Hostgator Support Vs Dreamhost Support

Both of them offer 24/7 support via tickets. But hostgator also offer toll free lines, online chat and peer support forums. Phone support and chat support is premium paid option ($9.95/month) with Dreamhost. Hostgator is a company known for its superior customer service and it is not difficult to understand why. Their support tickets get answered in 1-3 hours, and online chat and phone support is even faster. Perr support forum is another useful option where you get to discuss with other Hostgator customers.

Hostgator Vs Dreamhost Summary

Feature Hostgator Dreamhost
Features 9 8
Price 9 8
Performance 9 8
Support 9 6

Dreamhost Vs Hostgator - The Final Word!

Both Hostgator and Dreamhost are good hosts, but Hostgator has an edge due to their far better customer support, flexible payment terms and features like cPanel.

So if you want to try Hostgator, get a promo code for free first month or read detailed hostgator review!

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