Justhost Vs Hostgator

Hostgator is the biggest specialist shared host on the net and Justhost is a relatively small company, having started operations only in 2008. However, Justhost has been growing exponentially and have managed to sign up over 150,000 customers within a short time. Here is a comparison of Hostgator Vs Justhost, of their shared hosting services.

Control Panel and Features

Both Justhost and Hostgator both use cPanel, which is the best control panel in the industry. Due to this, almost all features are identical,they both offer Fantastico script installer, cron jobs etc. Both offer nearly unlimited space, bandwidth etc. as both of them oversell! The real catch is in CPU usage, which both Justhost and Hostgator will monitor and ask the offending sites to move. So when it comes to features and control panel, there is practically no difference!

Hostgator or Justhost - Which is cheaper?

Most hosts ahave different rates for monthly payments and paying in advance for 2/3/4 years. While most users prefer paying monthly, hosts offer discounts for longer contracts and advertise only their 3/4 year rates, which can be misleading and confusing. Both Hostgator and Justhost are no differnt, so we are comparing only monthly rates paid monthly.

Justhost charge $8.95 per month for their only package. Hostgator has three packages and we belive the comparable package is baby package which is $9.95 without discounts. So Justhost is slightly cheaper, but Hostgator has a smaller package for those who want to host only one domain. Overall, we don't find any real difference in price, both Justhost and Hostgator pricing is more less same.

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Uptime and Performance

Hostgator offer the best uptime among all hosts we tested, which unfortunately doesn't include Justhost. Justhost uptime get mixed reviews normally, but we can not prove it. Hostgator anyway offer great uptime, as demonstrated by our third party monitoring tool here. They have been consistantly giving an uptime above the industry standard 99.9% over a period of almost two years.

Hostgator Support Vs Justhost Support

Both of them offer 24/7 support via tickets, toll free lines and chat support. But Hostgator support is quicker, more friendly and reliable. We had great experience with hostgator support, with response time ranging from 5 minutes to maximum of couple of hours for support tickets. Hostgator support is one of the best in the industry, without any doubt.

Justhost Vs Hostgator Summary

Feature Hostgator Justhost
Features 9 6
Price 9 9
Performance 9 8
Support 9 8

Justhost Vs Hostgator - Final Word!

Both are good hosts, similar in pricing and features. But due to superior customer support and uptime, we rate Hostgator higher.

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